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Searching For Snow at The Top of Europe

Is it snow you’re looking for?


Well, we looked for it and went almost 3,500 meters above sea level to find it. My previous post was about the little village of Wengen, a mere 40 minutes away from Jungfraujoch. But in August, it might as well be in a different dimension. The flurry of colors slowly seep away the further you get away from the train station, until finally, all you could see is a sea of white and the shadowy grays of barren mountains. My husband wanted snow, and I made sure he got it. At the sight of the mountain's pristine whiteness, my husband’s face was all lit up as if it was actually Christmas and he was visiting Santa in the North Pole. It was precious!



The Jungfrau Railway halts at a couple of train stops which are nothing more than sheds that has 2 seats for waiting passengers. When you get to Jungfraujoch after a 40-minute train ride from Lauterbrunnen, you will find yourself walking through a dark and damp hall carved through the mountain. The day we were there, Jungfraujoch station was brimming with Chinese tourists that I had to ask my husband if we went through the mountain and landed in China. Some of them were even speaking to us in Mandarin, mistaking us for kin. Which would also explain why they are selling expensive Swiss watches on top of a frozen mountain. That crowd has cash to throw around! My husband and I definitely do not have that cash, and just browsed the shops and passed the restaurants wistfully.


 Definitely not a safe elevation for a 1-year-old. Leave the babies at home. 


But here’s the thing, the moment I stepped off the train, I felt woozy. I had a panic attack while suffering from the immediate effects of altitude sickness. I knew it was altitude sickness, and I knew that about 9% will suffer from it if taken to a height higher than 3,000 meters. I know that it will either pass, or I will have to request for an emergency evacuation to lower ground. I sat there for about 20 minutes while my life flashed before my eyes, until eventually, my sight cleared and my breathing slowed down. I asked my husband to go have a look-around the Sphinx on his own. The Sphinx is an observatory made famous by Bond movies and I knew it was a highlight of the trip for him. But I did not think I can make it any higher without exploding like a puffer fish in cartoon movies. He came back 30 minutes later, cheeks frozen and sporting a huge grin. I felt better then, so we continued our tour, slowly. 



We were there early enough before it started to snow, so we were able to glimpse the glacier clearly. However, minutes later, clouds rolled in and it became impossible to see anything outside, or to even touch the Swiss flag for an Instagram worthy shot. So a lot of our photos were taken inside, sadly. I was looking forward to possibly enjoying sledding or at least, build a snowman. The weather did not cooperate. But I did dump a major snowball on my husband’s head, so it wasn’t such a loss. It was important that we make the most out of this because it cost us 200 Euros to go up. Our wallets will not forgive us if we accepted defeat early. And I am glad we did not, because the museums and the Lindt showroom and store were there to cheer us up.



We had lots of fun seeing the Ice Palace, and took lots of pictures inappropriate for our age. My husband’s giddiness was catching and more than anything, I enjoyed watching him run around like a kid in a candy store, touching all the snow and ice he can get his hands on. Snowstorm aside, it had been worth it. And in any case, maybe the snowstorm is perfect too, because hey, that’s what happens if you live in Snowland! Check out these bottled air they sold in the souvenir shop! I kid you not!


 Bottled Air for Sale.  And the Chinese woman in front of me bought like 10 canisters. Jaw drop.


I cannot wait to bring Dylan to see his first snow, but it was a treat to see my husband see his. Because the truth that I am starting to realize is that, your husband is your first child. No matter how manly they act, they are just little boys that grew up. There are days when my husband and son are playing when I see how similar the two are. And it’s just like Arwen far-gazing and watching Aragorn play with their son  in Lord of the Rings--- it changes things.


It changes me.


Smell ya later,


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