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Autumn in the Park: A Day at Parc des Bastions

June 16, 2018


In UP Diliman, the closest thing I got to Autumn was when the Fire trees start to shed their leaves showering red leaves all over the campus. I have visited different countries in Autumn since then, but nothing came close to my heart than the memory of my Alma Mater. That is until Switzerland.



The leaves were just starting to turn and already, all those deep reds and cool browns juxtaposed with the remaining fighting greens were breathtaking. We were so lucky to have been in Geneva in early autumn because it gave my son an opportunity to see nature change its colors for the very first time. Although we went to a lot of parks while abroad, I am singling out Parc des Bastions because of the timing and its quiet beauty. Or maybe it stands out to me because that day was actually near the end of our visit, and I was feeling wistful about leaving Switzerland and my sister. 


It was a random decision to go to the park. My husband opted to continue traveling to Amsterdam, and I decided to give some more quality time between my sister and my son. We had a full day to ourselves and we decided to let the toddler run around somewhere safe and preferably, scenic. Parc des Bastions is just a 10-minute walk from my sister’s flat and the weather was perfect --- brisk but with lots of sunshine. So we walked leisurely through Plainpalais on our way towards Place Neuve where the main entrance of the park can be found.



What I love about Parc des Bastions is its space, its playground and the huge chess installation that is very popular with tourists and locals alike. It invites you to slow down, enjoy the surroundings, and play with your kids. I genuinely believe that maybe I would have more of a fighting chance to stave off my anxiety issues if there were more parks like these where I live. It felt like I could breathe again after a very, very long time.


 The giant chess and checker boards being enjoyed by kids of all ages.


The impressive entrance to the park via Place Neuve.


 The beautiful promenade that just screams “Instagram me!!”



 The café which opens for lunch and dinner, and a side pavilion where we got crepes and sodas for our afternoon snack.


 Statues and fountains could be found scattered throughout the park.


The famous Reformation Wall which features key leaders in the Protestant Reformation Movement.


 On the way to the park, we saw this fountain. Drinking water is free for everyone. Fountains like these are scattered all over the city, and features clean, spring water. Same as the water that runs through the taps at home.


 Munching on croissants on the way home, after downing a sizeable crepe. My son gained an appetite after all the running around. The gashes on his face was from this epic fall in the park, but hey, it's part of growing up. I was able to capture my son tripping (I was taking photos and was too far to help him) and the hilarious expression on my sister's face while it happened. Growing up, we were taught to pick ourselves up after a fall so the tradition continues.




In winter, I was told the park becomes one huge skating rink. That must be a sight to see. But I really wouldn’t exchange it for the beauty we found that one autumn afternoon in Geneva. When we go back, and I say when because we really plan to go back, we would visit the park every day we can.




How about you? Which park in the world has touched you the same way? Do share in the comments below because I am a huge fan of parks, ever since I had a son that loves to run around.


Smell ya later,



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